The MSC training has enriched my life and my personal practice on many levels. I befriended my inner critic and have learned to love myself without attachments, embracing all my imperfections. I am waking up everyday with my perfectly imperfect being, in this perfectly imperfect life! Thank you so much.

It has really been life changing and although that could sound a little corny, there is no other way to put it, because it’s true. So amazing to realise I can be kind to myself and look after myself in a non-selfish way, which is a win-win way to benefit everything and everybody. Thank you

I have decided to go back to nursing in a few more months, but in a less pressured environment. This course has highlighted why I burnt out and now I know a much healthier way of going forward. Incredibly powerful.

Finding a way to manage/accept the inner critic is hugely helpful. Being taught the  methods of mindfulness (e.g., accepting/noticing what is here, loving kindness and the idea that we all go through difficult times) can alter your mood, way of being and attitude to life dramatically.  The course is gently and professionally led, using theory, concepts, informal and formal practice.

I feel calmer, more focused, happier – less hard on myself and much, much more forgiving of myself.

Doing the course has made a dramatic difference to my daily mindfulness practice, which I now look forward to and enjoy so much more. I put this down to gentleness of the compassion which evaporates the striving element of formal practice which I had before. I have always tried to apply a non striving attitude but in trying to do so have immediately messed up. The kindness and gentleness of self compassion practice seem to make striving impossible, they cannot sit together so the striving just isn’t there. The course has also made a difference to my way of being generally. It’s subtle but I find that I am living more gently with myself and my struggles. The tender voice and compassionate response is easier to find. Life feels softer. As for my inner critic, it seems to have lost some of its authority. Perhaps it’s been dissolved a little, diluted and/or disarmed. It certainly causes me less internal constriction and paralysis.

Of course life is still a challenge, its not all bliss (if only) but in a general sense I feel more equipped to cope, more sure I can cope, much more on my own side and I like it. Dare I say that overall I would say I know more peace and experience more joy. I have noticed I laugh more. I intend to keep up these practices for many years and probably always.

The group itself has been an enormous positive. I had some concerns of being overwhelmed by the pain of so many others, but have found that the process of observing and being alongside others daring to begin to care for themselves despite their pain and years of other ways of being has been inspiring. I have learnt gems of wisdom from the seemingly small moments of insight and vulnerability of others, and for that I am very grateful. Your management of the group has been exceptionally gentle, professional and consistent and you have provided as safe a space that I could imagine. This skill and its impact cannot be underestimated.

I cannot believe the power it has given me. I can now still support family and friends whilst stepping back and nurturing myself. I thought the two things would be antagonistic. They are, in fact, synergistic. You cannot help others fully if you are depleted yourself.

I can now listen compassionately whilst supporting myself. For example, during many long and tearful phone calls with my daughter about her marriage, I have been able to breath in compassion for myself and breath out compassion for her. I am, naturally, upset by this situation, but before it would have drained and overwhelmed me; now it passes more quickly. I feel less guilty for doing things for me.

I feel I can now pause, breathe, accept and deal with issues I was too scared to address, too afraid they could not be resolved. Attending the course has given me a positivity, an anchor, a place to refuel, a calmer passage through life.

At the end of the week’s intensive course, for the first time in years I felt completely myself, as if all the layers and baggage I’d accumulated in adulthood fell away. I remember on the last day feeling very light and joyous, as if the hard shell around me had fallen away.

It has been more challenging out in the real world, but I have continued the practice. While there have been plenty of difficult moments, I can honestly say discovering self compassion has transformed my life for the better. I am now kinder to myself, I listen to my body and respond to what it needs more, I am more assertive, I understand myself better than before, and I am finding I feel more love, compassion and forgiveness towards other people in my life. MSC is one of the best things I have ever done and I would highly recommend it to everyone.